VOLA-Vivere Oltre l’Accoglienza

Directed & cut by: Luca Tommasini

Shoot by: Luca Tommasini, Alessandro Galluzzi, Alessandro Bernardini

Graphic by: Federico Peliti

VOLA-Nella Tempesta

Shoot & cut by: Luca Tommasini

       OLA (Vivere Oltre L'Accoglienza/Live Beyond the Reception).


The project, co-funded by the European Integration Fund (FEI- Ministry of Interior-Italy), focuses on activities aimed at fostering integration, inclusion and autonomy-fostering plans, to be implemented in interested areas and targeting foreign minors and youths having recently accessed the Italian territory (the project's main target). Such plans are focused on encouraging integration at school, providing support and orientation, bringing about personal empowerment and socialisation. The plan is put into practice through the implementation of an action model that allows the networking of reception and educational (both formal and non formal) players, in order to ensure that the target is provided adequate social inclusion and school education strategies.

The project's activities, including education in Art (drama, music, dance, singing), have been implemented both in school and extra-school contexts, thus creating two different yet consistent and mutually synergic areas in terms of activities that ensure continuity between school attendance in the morning and productive use of free time in the afternoon.


CIES - Centro Informazione e Educazione allo Sviluppo [Center for Development Education and Information] - is a non-governmental organization which promotes and supports projects and initiatives for the self-development of populations and groups in Southern Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. It is engaged in projects relating to women, children and young people in situations of marginalization and socio-economic insecurity. Its cooperation projects follow an integrated, intersectoral approach, bolstering existing local associations, institutions and resources


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