uca was born in 1976, in a small tiny village full of ancient stones called Rome. He grew up changing his ambitions from one thing to another. He started with dreams of growing up and becoming a cowboy, which later turned to becoming something close to a Mc Gayver and then to a pilot, to a metal band drummer, or maybe a cutter. After having completed his studies in social sciences, his professional experience in the international development organizations and human rights led him to address, in a more harmonious, personal and effective way, his passion for telling stories with a camera. Today he is a filmmaker and his home base is still the tiny village full of ancient stones...


Blank Lands - Searching for Zhuang Xueben

a film by: A.Galluzzi, R.Kronauer, F.Peliti, L.Tommasini


The Blank Lands of China in the 30’s were remote regions, territories not plotted on maps. For the Chinese imagination were inhabited by barbarian cannibals. A young photographer, Zhuang Xueben, chose to tell the story of these lands, documented through timeless photographs and dense travel diaries. This documentary will follow in the paths of Zhuang’s photography, traveling through the blank lands to rediscover a history oftentimes shrouded in mystery, adventurous, exciting and touching, and revealed intimately by the people that live there. Those who today contribute to the rediscovery of Zhuang Xueben’s work will explore its connections with historical events, his attitude and photographic approach towards the people he portrayed, how the aesthetic was influenced by technical obstacles, the disappearance and at the end the rediscovery. Their contribution will progressively outline the figure of Zhuang Xueben and his photography, whose memory had remained in the shadows for nearly 50 years.

Metal in Egypt

a film by: R.Kronauer, L.Tommasini, D.Wulf


In the days of January and February 2011 people in Egypt challenged power – no matter what it might lead to eventually. Many women and men, young and old, were demonstrating their readiness to stand up for change to take place, and, when political power challenged them, did not step back. Metal musicians did not have to go through the process of moral courage of these days, it had been their reality in many years. From the first moment getting into Metal society had labeled them “weirdos”. The impact of prejudices, however motivated, was always strong. It lead to Metalheads perceiving themselves as outsiders. And acting as such. All these years Metal musicians were struggling to be able to play, fighting for a socio-cultural space for their music.  This documentary will grow where there is an air of uncertainty about what is next in a process marked by the events here more than three year ago. How is going to be after the Muslim Brotherhood. Will Egypt reveal its face? Metal in Egypt – will it be forced to go underground again?

OHH VENICE! The imaginarium of an unknown city

a film by: L.Tommasini


There is no another city that has a so strong hold on the collective imagination. Venice is not only a slice of Italy that affects well over Italy, arousing interest, curiosity, concerns and projections, but it is also the only place that seems to bring together a strong character of ancient longevity and a great sense of vulnerability. In this sense Venice, Foucault’s words, represent the perfect heterotopia, a unique place where a community reflects their own utopias and dystopias: as much murky waters of the lagoon is,  the world continues to find itself reflected. Venice, a city made of stones, words and imaginings. Venice is a date that will never come. Venice is an amusement; is a hope, a lamentation, an utopia, a dystopia, an invective, a pastoral; an oxymoron or a paradox; Venice is Italian, is English, French, American, German, Chinese. Venice is a seductive temptation. Embraced between myth and anti-myth, between enchantment and disenchantment, Venice is trapped in a grip. In the middle, is a place never really known. A visual travel illusions will soon begin..









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