Luca Tommasini
Domink Wulf

It’s like a concert that never started.” Timur talks about last year’s revolution. He grins. In the days of January and February 2011 people in Egypt challenged power – no matter what it might lead to eventually. Many women and men, young and old, were demonstrating their readiness to stand up for change to take place, and, when political power challenged them, did not step back.

They felt that this could be a decisive time. They were ready. Metal musicians did not have to go through the process of moral courage of these days, it had been their reality in many years. From the first moment getting into Metal society had labelled them “weirdos”.

The impact of prejudices, however motivated, was always strong. It lead to Metalheads perceiving themselves as outsiders. And acting as such. All these years Metal musicians were struggling to be able to play, fighting for a socio-cultural space for their music. They put a lot into it, they channelled so many emotions, anger and hatred, sadness and passion, through their music – they would not easily refrain from it. It is the end of May. The first round in Egypt’s presidential electoral campaign has ended with either Morsi or Shafik becoming the future president.

Tahrir Square in Cairo is filling up again with people protesting. On some evenings a million people take to the streets. There is an air of uncertainty about what is next in a process marked by the events here more than a year ago. It is going to be Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood. Will they reveal their face? Metal in Egypt – will it be forced to go underground again?


Written & Directed by: Ralph Kronauer, Luca Tommasini, Dominik Wulf
Editor: Luca Tommasini, Dominik Wulf
Produced & Shot by: Ralph Kronauer, Luca Tommasini
Sound Mix: Mario Salvucci
Main Cast: Ahl Sina, Brutus, Crescent, Dark Philosophy, Destiny in Chains,
Enraged, Massive Scar Era, Scarab, Sand Aura, Worm
Color Grading: Fabrizio Laurenti
Assistant Editor: Luca Tommasini
Graphic Design and Animation: Luca Tommasini
Sound: Riccardo Cimino