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La Storia, the scandal novel


In the summer of 1974, Elsa Morante’s novel La Storia caused a cultural and political debate the world over that lasted more than a year. This was due to both Morante’s choice to sacrifice a portion of her royalties to make it universally accessible, and the scandalous nature of Ida’s story, carrying the traumatic reminder of her rape by a German soldier inside her as she falls pregnant. This documentary follows the story of Morante and her highly celebrated and fiercely debated novel, highlighting its undeniable power to portray the harsh realities of life, and the contemporary relevance of its themes to the forgotten pockets of the Italian society and the struggles of women across the world.

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Director: Silvia Luzi
Screenplay: Silvia Luzi | Luca Bellino
Editor: Giacomo Villa
Produced by: GA&A and Luce Cinecittà, in coproduction with ARTE GEIE, in association with RAI Cultura
Producer: Gioia Avantaggiato for G&A
Executive producer: Arianna Iachetti
Archive footage research: Luca Tommasini
Conforming, color & graphics: Stefan Schneider | ZDF/Arte
Development: Laura Romano
Sound Department: Emanuela Cotellessa | Antonio Dardo | Giancarlo Rutigliano per TimeLine srls | Mediavox & Sound di Paolo Salomone